Pierce Morales

I am a front-end developer based in Toronto, Canada with strong problem solving skills and a keen eye for good design. I'm currently at Roots Canada, working as a Web Developer alongside a cross-functional team in a fast-paced environment. Outside of work, you can find me playing volleyball, tennis or hiking.


A screenshot of a project called Choice


React | Firebase | JavaScript | CSS3 | HTML5

A voting app where the user chooses between two options and sees how other visitors voted on a certain topic. Vote now and see if others voted with or against you!


JavaScript | jQuery | Sass | API | Pair Programming

Looking for a new movie, book, author, or artist to discover but can't decide? Try this application out to get suggestions based on your choosing!

A screenshot of a project called Neuse
A screenshot of a project called Dine and Dash

Dine and Dash

React | JavaScript | Apis | CSS3 | Sass | Mob Programming

Enter a location and get nearby restaurants around where you can filter the types of cuisine you're craving! Fill up your tummy and get on a bicycle to ride away into the sunset!

The Restaurant Mall

PSD Conversion | HTML5 | CSS3 | Sass | Responsive

A fully responsive multi-page PSD conversion that uses flexbox.

A screenshot of a project called Restaurant


  • HTML5

  • CSS3

  • Sass

  • Javascript

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  • Github

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  • React

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